why1 W1S1 [waı] adv, conj
1.) used to ask or talk about the reason for something
Why are you crying?
Why do we have to take all these tests?
'She wants to meet you.' 'Why?'
'I won't be able to come into work tomorrow.' ' Why not ?'
I have no idea why the television isn't working.
Simon loves you - that's why he wants to be with you.
He's angry with me and I don't know why.
There's no reason why we shouldn't be friends.
why on earth/why ever etc
(=used for emphasis when you are surprised, angry etc)
Why on earth didn't you ask me to help?
'I don't want us to be seen together.' 'Why ever not?'
2.) used to introduce a question that shows you do not think it is necessary to do something
Why worry? You can't do anything about it.
Why waste time going to the bank when you can do it all over the Internet?
3.) spoken why not?
used to say that you agree with a suggestion
'We could invite John and Barbara.' 'Yes, why not?'
4.) spoken why doesn't sb do sth?
a) also why not do sth?
used to make a suggestion
Why don't you bring over a video for us to watch?
Why not relax and enjoy the atmosphere?
b) used to say angrily that someone should do something
Why don't you mind your own business?
5.) spoken why sb?
used to ask why a particular person has been chosen or is suffering
Why me? Why can't someone else drive you?
6.) spoken why oh why ...?
used to show that you are very sorry or angry about something
Why oh why did I say those horrible things?
why 2
why2 interjection old-fashioned
used when you are surprised or have suddenly realized something
Why, look who's here!
And I thought to myself, why, I can do that.
why 3
why3 n
the whys and (the) wherefores
the reasons or explanations for something
The whys and the wherefores of these procedures need to be explained.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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